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Cheap Vatican Private Tour

Cheap Vatican Private tour is devised to offer a very customized tour, a unique experience of living Rome: meeting point at your hotel, transfers, tickets with priority pass, expert English speaking guides at your disposal.

You will have your own dedicated tour guide with Rome private tour, there will not be any other people taking part.

We will start from the Vatican Museums: from Cortile della Pigna we’ll visit the collection of Greek and Roman Sculptures, classical antiquities dwelling on masterpieces such as the Laocoon, the Apollo Belvedere and the Belvedere Torso.

Cheap Vatican Private tour cross the Candelabra Gallery, the Gallery of the Tapestries and the Gallery of Maps, to reach the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel, where the frescoes of the greatest masters of the '400 are framed, first if all the masterpiece of Michelangelo.

For the most enquiring travellers, Rome private tour offer an exclusive look into the secret rooms of the Vatican!

Cheap Vatican private Tour will end with the visit of St. Peter's Basilica, the heart of Christianity where the masterpieces are guarded in it, like the famous La Pieta’ sculpture

We conclude with an overview of Vatican City State in the spectacular St. Peter's Square, urban masterpiece by Bernini and Roman Baroque.